Good reasons to move from an open source solution to ENOVACOM Integration Engine

The good reasons to move from an open source solution to ENOVACOM Integration Engine


The Paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group recently subcontracted laboratory tests to the Leopold Bellan Hospital in Paris (LBH), which is based on the same site in Paris. A range of new requirements for integration and new data flow between the hospitals needed to be set up quickly. LBH was using the enterprise application integration product Mirth, which had become increasingly difficult to adapt to the new requirements.

User’s quote

The main power of the ENOVACOM Integration Engine was to support the tremendous growth in patient numbers without our users even realising it

Olivier Boussekey

Information System Manager, Paris Saint Joseph Hospital

Key benefits in choosing ENOVACOM Integration Engine

Data Integrity and confidentiality

In a healthcare organisation, everything has to be done to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of patient data. Errors can creep in through data transformation or errors in manual transcription. According to Aurelie Timsit, Chief Executive of LBH, “ENOVACOM Integration Engine helps in both protecting confidentiality and enabling data exchange: A patient with one patient number in Paris St. Joseph had a different identifier in LBH. Enovacom quickly developed a transformation table, to send an order from Paris Saint Josepth to the LBH laboratory information system. We gained a lot of time through avoiding duplicate ordering, while the whole process was transparent to the system users.”

Easy integration and transfer of data across sites and systems

Paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group was already a user of Enovacom and had had a lot of difficulty in trying to support LBH to adapt its Opensource system to support the new arrangements: “We tried to make the systems work together for 3 months, but we had to give up.” reveals Oliver Boussekey, the Director of IT at Paris Saint Joseph. “The previous Chief Technology Officer who had developed our Mirth solution left and the team were unable to make it work after that Enovacom was able to develop a working interface in a few days and it worked first time. We now have a single view of each patient across both hospitals, without duplications. We can effectively manage orders and results as one hospital.”

Rapid interface development without developer- level programming skills

”Aurelie Timsit of LBH added that ‘the main advantage of ENOVACOM Integration Engine is that we could develop interfaces between applications without developer level knowledge being required. We found that an Opensource product was too difficult for most of our IT staff to use, while Enovacom gave us the capability to do our own inter-faces.”

Key Facts

Paris Saint Joseph Hospital Group

620 beds

2 162 employees

56 730 inpatients per year

39 363 emergency admissions

Louis Bellan Hospital

200 beds

210 employees

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