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Choose a certified host with the highest level of security to protect your data

Secure your healthcare data with a healthcare data host that offers a full range of services (public and/or private cloud, and data centres certified to the highest French data protection standards) to benefit from high-level security infrastructure. Make sure all your healthcare applications and data remain secure and comply with new legal obligations. Adapt your storage capacity by keeping your healthcare data in French data centres that are managed by the Orange Business Services group.

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Protect your entire IT system with know-how from Orange Business Services

Transfer every application that contains healthcare data into a fully secure and dedicated space. You will still be able to manage and use all your applications and keep your data intact. Make full use of the expertise and experience of a French operator that manages all of its infrastructure with the highest level of security, using two data centres that are HDS-certified, so they comply with French health data protection standards.

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Comply with legislative standards without undergoing a certification audit

Skip the entire auditing and certification validation process by storing your data with an accredited host. All of our infrastructure is HDS certified, and compliant with standards ISO20000 and ISO27018.

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Make your data available, whatever your needs

Get access to your data whenever you like thanks to our 99.9% availability rate. Our France-based customer service department is ready to help 24/7.

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How it works ?

Our healthcare data hosting platform is located on the Orange sites in Rueil Malmaison and Chevilly Larue (Paris region). There are two data centres are fully dedicated to protecting your data to ensure service continuity.

We have obtained two separate certifications for this solution:

  • Physical Infrastructure Host Certificate: This relates to the provision of physical accommodation premises and physical infrastructure.
  • Outsourcing Host Certificate: This covers the provision of virtual infrastructure and software platforms, and the outsourcing of health information systems and back-up.

We offer two possible types of accommodation:

Flexible Engine HDS:

Based on Openstack technology, our solution guarantees access to a managed infrastructure in real time via APIs and a technical console. It offers you the benefit of a scalable infrastructure, allowing you to guarantee the accessibility of your applications and analyze a large volume of data with complete peace of mind. To provide you with this service, we rely on:

Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)

These servers make CPU and memory resources possible. They use images (public/private), which enables scaling and deployment based on the demand on the service. Deployed within a virtual private cloud (VPC), ESCs benefit from logical isolation and security groups to create an efficient, secure, and reliable environment that guarantees the stability and continuity of services.


The solution is also based on auto-scaling. This adapts the architecture (horizontal scaling) up or down depending on the prerequisites of the application. Along with our Bare Metal server, these two tools allow us to guarantee optimal computer performance and to obtain the stability necessary to run all your applications.

Elastic Volume Service (EVS)

The Elastic Volume Service offers a virtual and scalable block storage service with distributed architecture. The method of using the EVS drive is similar to using the drives on traditional servers. EVS drives guarantee high data availability. They can be used for file systems, databases, and other software or applications requiring persistent storage.

Flexible Computing Advanced HDS

Flexible Computing Advanced is an IaaS solution that allows you to easily build your own cloud computing solution. It also allows you to create your virtual data centres to host your business applications or software in Saas (Software as a Service) mode. It adapts to your needs and guarantees the safe hosting of your data in France at a data centre with an equivalent Tier IV architecture.

Managing your IT infrastructure with complete freedom

With just a few clicks, you can create an isolated secure virtual data centre, within a shared infrastructure, as well as adjust and develop your virtual environments. You can create as many virtual machines as you want and allocate them RAM, CPU, or storage resources. We provide you with predefined templates for your virtual servers, as well as a project manager and a cloud expert to support your project.

But also …

  • Choose a solution that is regularly enriched with new features due to Openstack and VMware technologies.

  • Optimize your budget with a no-obligation, pay-as-you-go method.

  • Comply with the regulations for hosting health data.

What will change in your daily life

  • Institution directors know that their data is secure. They can control their costs and transform their investment expenses (CapEx, capital expenditures) into operational costs (OpEx, operating expenditures)

  • CIOs have systems protected in accordance with national and European regulations, with an approach that is flexible according to their needs.

  • Healthcare professionals can view and exchange patient data without fear of loss or hacking.

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