Improve collaboration between healthcare professionals.

Inside a region, the patient’s journey now requires a continuum of care where collaboration between healthcare professionals needs to be improved by facilitating the exchanging and sharing of health data.

Identity ManagerData RepositoryPatient Server

Identity Manager

Ensure data confidentiality through secure identity management and access control.

Data Repository

Medical documents easier to share and access.

Patient Server

Get a 360° view of your patient with the EMPI and deliver a better care.


Ensure the confidentiality of health data throughout the continuum of care.

To provide patients with a safe continuum of care, healthcare organisations must ensure that employees who access health information have the correct credentials and authorisations, limiting the healthcare provider’s exposure to privacy and confidentiality breaches.

Our Identity Access Management (IAM) solution covers the complete identity lifecycle of all workers in your hospital to include on-boarding, transfers, absences, promotions and off-boarding.

It automatically provides access rights to services according to an individual’s role, and the specific rules that the organisation sets, including national or regional systems, electronic staff records and specific applications.


Make medical documents easier to share and access.

Healthcare professionals need to access medical documents quickly, yet there are challenges to transferring information between different stakeholders and provider organisations, in the face of delivering healthcare continuity.

With our collaboration solution, you can store, archive and make reports, analysis results and patient files available to doctors, nurses and surgeons.


Enhance patient care.

Whether it comes from medical devices, physicians’ notes or various tests, healthcare organisations are relentless producers of data.

Our collaboration suite makes this data available to researchers for predictive medicine and analytics. They can now exploit it to enhance patient care as well as optimise patient care pathways.


Improve the continuum of care

Get a comprehensive view of your patients thanks to the Enterprise Master Patient Index or EMPI.

Deliver a more efficient care by matching identities and generate a single record to link the right patient to the right data. Identify the right patient and improve the continuum of care and sharing of data by giving him a unique and reliable ID.