Medical documents easier to share and access.

Gone are the days of data silos as now you can share information in your healthcare area as part of Regional Hospital Groups or Digital Healthcare Territory projects.

Data Repository

Improved collaboration.

Sharing medical documents between healthcare professionals is made simpler;

Faster decision-making with accessible patient data;

Notifications when integrating new documents.

System interoperability.

In line with healthcare standards;

Compatible with multiple types documentation: EMR, LIS, PAS, etc;

XDS solution which adapts to all types of EMPI solutions, including ENOVACOM Patient Server (via NextGate).

A workbench & single registry

Easier to integrate solutions, flexible with architectures;

Stores all medical documents, their metadata sheets and submission packages;

Flexible authorisation management.

Data Repository
  1. Get patient information quickly in just a few clicks.

    ENOVACOM Data Repository is the go-to solution for managing and sharing healthcare data.

    Consult medical documents (reports, patient allergies, etc.) at the touch of a button thanks to 2 complementary features: the XDS Workbench documentary directory and the data registry.

  2. Data sharing interoperability

    ENOVACOM Data Repository is able to manage all different types of data sources: EMR, LIS and software used in doctors’ offices.

    Exchanging documents under XDS standards makes them compatible with all IHE profiles which refer to them as well as all related interoperability formats.

  3. Effective technology to help healthcare organisations, independent physicians and laboratories work together

    The solution indexes and archives clinical documents and can be implemented over the top of patient repository infrastructure such as an EMPI (ENOVACOM Patient Server, for instance).

    Make sure every patient whose data is being exchanged is identified in the same way.

    > Compatible formats: scanned documents, text documents, PDF, PDF/A, HL7 CDA, FHIR resources, medical reports in CDA format, etc.

    > Storing documents in the workbench directory or referring to document locations.

  4. Ensure sharing is secure and authorised

    Choose how you want to share data based on predefined authorisation.

    Keep track of documents – newly-integrated, modified or logged information.

Discover ENOVACOM Data Repository

Share medical documents.

  • Laboratory examinations
  • Medical history
  • Known allergies
  • Reports
  • Patient files
  • Vaccinations
  • Discharge letters

Technical specifications.

  • Web application
  • XDS.b
  • CDA R2 level 1 & 3
  • Windows or Linux environments, physical or virtual servers.

How it works.

Transmit different medical documents to the workbench.

Register document metadata and compare it to the registry.

Search for documents in different facilities.