Ensure data confidentiality through secure identity management and access control.

Reduce the time and bureaucracy associated with assigning access rights to new and temporary members of staff, and enhance productivity and efficiency.

Identity Manager

Better management of your processes

Centralised access to the management of identities

A single and unique repository for people, organisational structure and applications

Updated in real-time with any application and data repositories within the hospital

Major time savings and increased efficiencies

Automated management of access rights in dynamic healthcare environments

Efficient workflow through creating identities within applications and the assignment of resources

Reduce frustrating and costly delays in assigning resources to new or temporary healthcare employees

Ensure data confidentiality through secure access

Prior validation of all access rights

Personalised authentication

Full traceability of repository data

Audit trail and verification of assignment of rights

Models impact of rule changes to avoid major disruption to users

Supports GDPR compliance

Identity Manager
  1. Ensure the confidentiality of health data

    ENOVACOM Identity Manager is an Identity Access Management solution, dedicated to healthcare, that covers the complete identity lifecycle of all workers in your hospital to include on-boarding, transfers, absences, promotions and off-boarding.

    ENOVACOM Identity Manager ensures employees who access healthcare information have the correct credentials and authorisations, limiting the healthcare provider’s exposure to privacy and confidentiality breaches.

    The solution ensures only those with adequate authorisation levels gain access to resources through an easily managed central point, with a breadth of functionality that transcends the boundaries of basic identity directory services.

  2. Improve the integration process for an agent

    ENOVACOM Identity Manager automates the creation of user identities when a new employee joins the organisation, including email, phone and identity badge. It automatically provides access rights to services according to an individual’s role, and the specific rules that the organisation sets, including national or regional systems, electronic staff records and specific applications

  3. For whom?

    ENOVACOM Identity Manager secures access control and identity management of all employees within the hospital. For new employees this means faster role-based access to healthcare information to support their job, making them efficient – quicker.

    For HR teams, it improves the integration process when a new employee arrives and significantly reduces the time normally associated with the on-boarding process.

    For CIOs and IT teams, Enovacom Identity Manager ensures control of access to protect data hosted within the information systems with full traceability and auditability

Discover Identity Manager

Repository designed for use in health organisations

Based around both organisation and activity, the repository supports all the potential needs of healthcare organisations during changes in structure mergers, integration with other providers or other changes.

Agile and easy to implement

Uses a flexible data model that can be adapted to your needs through graphical modelling of your organisation and its structures. Designed for IT departments and business users to easily support changes without complex reconfiguration.


Leverages Enovacom’s integration expertise to communicate with in-house, regional and national data repositories and all the applications in your health information system.

Processes automated

Validates new user definition and automatically synchronises with HR and other systems for integration in a single repository. Automatically defines rights according to role and organisational definitions.

Traceability and identity rights

ENOVACOM Identity Manager continually tracks all actions re- lated to identity rights by person and application.

Publication of the directory on intranet and internet

Reliable and up-to-date yellow/white pages services can be personalised and published by HR, IT and other departments as required.