Enovacom partners have always been a part of our success

Enovacom specialises in healthcare and develops strategic alliances with software vendors. This guarantees our clients the maximum ability for integration of Enovacom solutions with their business applications (patient record, Medical Device Directive applications, specialized files.)

Strategic Partners

As the market leader in France, and with proven customer satisfaction and retention performance, Enovacom is a trusted solution provider with demonstrable potential to help address the integration challenges facing healthcare IT.

Enovacom partners can either be strategic alliances in application development, systems integration and technology, such as Agfa Healthcare, Maincare solutions or Cerner, as well as country specific system integrators such as ATOS or Purkinje.

We have developed over 137 different applications with specific vendors or integrators and deal with 90 software vendor partners. A plus for your daily workload – no need to develop applications by yourself – we have the expertise and know-how.

vendor Neutral solutions

Enovacom is a neutral vendor and so, we can work within any health and care economy, broadening the scope of your marketplace.

This is a key concept Enovacom has always strived for.

We are 100% healthcare dedicated and have built our expertise in the interoperability and security of Health Information Systems. In order to respect our mission, we have to stay neutral and deliver with best-of-breed solutions.

our international partners

Canadian Partner

Experts in IT solutions for healthcare, Purkinje is a Canadian company headquartered in Montreal, working for over thirty years developing IT solutions for the healthcare sector. Their detailed understanding of the clinical world, combined with their technological expertise has led them to develop innovative solutions for medical clinics (EMR) and hospitals (HIS).

Belgian Partner

Since 1987, SBIM has been an IT partner for healthcare organisations. The company specialises in MDD and administrative software development, mostly dedicated to healthcare.

Swiss Partner

POLYPOINT is a solution from POLYPOINT SA, an established leader in Swiss e-Health.

POLYPOINT SA is specialised in healthcare-dedicated software since its inception in 1986. The development, installation, training and maintenance of the POLYPOINT product line is the main focus of their activities. There are currently used over 750 healthcare installations with over 20,000 users on a daily basis.

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