The Saint-Privat Polyclinic takes care of patient data with software publisher Enovacom

Extended interoperability to organise information exchange

The Saint-Privat Polyclinic in Boujan-sur-Libron (34) chose Enovacom to take care of its patient data. The projects main focus is to ensure business software is interoperable and biomedical devices are connected to the E-Med patient records. The aim is to guarantee the healthcare data sent from one application to the next is complete and available by using a continuous exchange service.

  • The ENOVACOM Suite V2 (previously Antares v2) will manage data streams
  • Biomedical equipment will be connected with the ENOVACOM Patient Connect software

The polyclinics latest news: the facility has treated patients suffering from chronic neuropathic pain since 2015. All the information about the care given at Saint-Privat Polyclinic is available on their website:

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