How Enovacom helps healthcare organisations face the COVID-19 crisis

Faced with the COVID-19 epidemic and containment measures in France and all over the world, Enovacom is still fully operational remotely. Our service continues and we are well placed to help healthcare organisations face the crisis.

How Enovacom helps healthcare organisations face the COVID-19 crisis

Connect and integrate the ventilators into your healthcare organisation to free up time for caregivers

How Enovacom helps healthcare organisations face the COVID-19 crisis
  1. Context

    There are various medical device categories in a healthcare organisation that are used for diagnosis, patient monitoring or therapies. The majority of ventilators, which are part of the wider field of medical devices, are particularly essential and crucial in the COVID-19 crisis.

    In fact, they support infected patients with breathing support when they experience respiratory failures and without them, the mortality rate could increase dramatically.

  2. Our solution

    By automatically collecting and populating in near real-time the electronic patient chart with the right data from the right patient, Enovacom eliminates manual entry, reduces transcription error, provides caregivers with more insights into patient health, enhances clinical decision-making capability to improve patient outcomes and helps free up time for caregivers to better care their patients.

    Our biomedical interoperability solution, ENOVACOM Patient Connect (EPC) is a 100% software solution and fully agnostic.

  3. What’s already been done around the world?

    Whether it is in the UK, Canada, Switzerland, France,… We’ve already worked on medical device integration projects all over the world. The connection of ventilators is one of our strong suits and we can help hospitals get things running quickly.

    Get to know more about our projects around the world and learn how to gain time for your nurses and medical staff.

Save time coordinating emergency resources


On March 6, France launched a nationwide emergency medical plan to respond to the global spread of the COVID-19 virus. It is crucial for hospitals to deal with the situation correctly as far as care, responsiveness, presence and mobilisation are concerned.

The focus of essential actions and care is required, with non-essential services and projects reduced in priority. Mass internal and external communication is also essential to manage this health crisis.

Our solution

ENOVACOM supports all kinds of hospitals and several regional health agencies with the Surycat Emergency Plan solution to facilitate coordinating, alerting and mobilising staff and resources.

This solution is a cloud service used to disseminate information and recall personnel en masse (with text messages and phone calls) to manage crisis communication by automating large-volume internal communications (applying instructions, etc.), and external communications (sending out information, personnel recall based on specific skillset/speciality/department, mobilising crisis units, bolstering skill X, Y, Z, etc.).

What’s already been done around the world?

Hospitals in Valenciennes, Saint Quentin, Amiens, Marseille, etc. all used ENOVACOM Surycat to make their crisis management systems more efficient.
To improve crisis management, the platform helps healthcare providers:

  • Send out alert messages to the relevant members of staff
  • Quickly mobilise the teams needed to organise the healthcare response
  • Organise reinforcements and the flow of resources throughout the crisis
  • Trace all actions and communications


Optimising patient care by better understanding healthcare provision in emergency situations

How Enovacom helps healthcare organisations face the COVID-19 crisis


The current COVID-19 pandemic is filling up beds in every healthcare organisation around the world. In order to get the best organisation possible, the right data needs to be available in real-time to the relevant people.

In the case of the epidemic, caregivers need to know the number of beds available in their territory to deliver the best care possible.

How Enovacom helps healthcare organisations face the COVID-19 crisis

Our solution

Enovacom simplifies the exchange of patient information for hospitals, clinicians, institutions, healthcare staff and general practitioners. The solution enables the sharing of healthcare data and so following the patient along its care pathway becomes faster and easier – eHealth has arrived!

The Enovacom platform and associated connectors were chosen and implemented precisely to know, in real-time, the hot beds availability in the region. In addition to an automatic escalation of emergency room visit reports (RPU in French), the platform has concentrated unique and centralised data about issues related to alerts, health monitoring and emergencies.

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