Integrates vital signs information from medical devices within the patient record.

Integrate vital signs information via a single interface, reducing costs and resources for IT departments, whilst enhancing patient care, reducing risk and saving valuable nursing time.

Patient Connect

Deliver a complete patient record.

Reduce the risk of errors associated with manual vital signs recording

Optimise patient care via data collection

Guarantee patient identification with corresponding vital signs information

Complete the patient record with medical device data

Real-time access to data

Integrate with clinical applications.

Interface with all types of medical devices.

Integrate with all types of clinical applications and patient records.

A single interface ensuring traceability and audit of all events relating to a patient.

A 100% software-based solution supporting all clinical staff.

Reduce costs and administration.

Reduce cost of managing IT and medical devices

Minimal new hardware investment required

Benefits for both clinical and IT teams

Manage data from medical devices centrally and get traceability of their use

Patient Connect
  1. Provide a complete patient record, reducing risk and administration.

    Enovacom Patient Connect automates the extraction and integration of patient vital signs information into the patient record, removing the risks associated with manual collection and reducing administration time for front-line staff in the process.

    In a couple of mouse clicks, nurses can link the patient identity to the connected medical devices, and vital signs are then automatically integrated into the patient record, guaranteeing patient identification in the process. This in turn, frees up front-line staff to focus on delivering patient care, rather than copying or scanning outputs and readings.

  2. Reduce costs via a single interface.

    Manual collection and recording of vital signs information is time-consuming for medical staff and carries a number of associated risks. Traditional integration methods are costly and resource-consuming because they require the creation and management of multiple interfaces to multiple devices. Enovacom Patient Connect is unique in providing the extraction and integration of vital signs information via a single interface across all medical devices – significantly reducing the costs and administration of managing multiple interfaces.

  3. Reduce admin for nurses and IT departments.

    Enovacom Patient Connect frees up nursing time by automating the extraction and integration of patient vital signs with the patient record. For IT departments, Enovacom Patient Connect is fast to implement, and reduces the administration and management of interfaces along with licencing costs. For clinicians, the information they require to provide patient care is at their fingertips, improving their efficiency, and reducing the risks associated with manual extraction. For Medical Device Managers, Enovacom Patient Connect significantly simplifies the challenge of biomedical device connectivity.

Discover ENOVACOM Patient Connect.

Ensure your patient record is complete.

  • Reliable patient record linked to the unique hospital and national identity: meets regulatory requirements for the identification of the patient at all stages of care.
  • Can link and validate patients by scanning of a wristband
  • Automates collation of ever-increasing patient and device data
  • Real-time availability of reliable vital signs in the patient record: blood pressure, positive end-expiratory pressure etc.

Support all the wards in a healthcare organisation.

  • Continuous care: patient selected and then associated with a medical device;
  • Punctual care: medical devices selected then associated with patients for shorter time periods (e.g. in emergency car setting).

Manage medical devices across your organisation.

  • Reserve medical devices for nursing staff
  • Keep track of location and usage rates of medical devices
  • Traceability of medical device by patient and full data capture for audit

100% software solution

  • 100% software solution
  • Based on the built-in capacity of medical devices: WIFI or Ethernet network connection or through a convector
  • Growing library of adapters by make and model of medical devices
  • Variety of rules for data management: sampling, conversion, mapping… for each medical device
  • Output standardised in HL7 / IHE PCD according to models used

Standardised on user, organisational, medical device and patient repositories

  • Database by users and organisational structure
  • Medical device descriptions based on existing Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)
  • Patient database automatically up-
    dated through IHE PAM (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise, Patient Administration Management Standard)