Connect your hospital and manage your alerts.

Organise alerts and notifications between buildings, devices and hospital staff.


Manage alerts efficiently with a universal connectivity platform.

Automatically notify your staff.

Make your equipment communicating by integrating your applications, equipment and device associated with the production (care, industrial, service, …).

Notify the staff in case of an alert or event, on their means of communication available (DECT, Wifi phone, mobile, mail, SMS, …).

Gain working comfort and efficiency by automating certain critical alert procedures reliably (vs. manually).

Prevent the risks.

Automate alert management by integrating with security and personal protection systems.

Gain reliability in your follow-up of the procedures and in reactivity.

Manage lone worker protection by properly managing lone worker alerts, with confirmation, escalation, reminders, and time management features. All with the traceability needed.

Maintain your reactivity.

Make systems communicate, send alerts and notifications to the right people in real time for optimal support, during working hours or on call.

Gain reactivity and avoid cascading breakdowns.

Quickly implemented with ready-made deliverables, no training is required for the notified people.

A library of business connectors

  1. Medical devices.

    Patient alarms, biomedical devices, heavy/light transport, geolocalised devices.

  2. Security.

    Protection of Independent Workers, antifugue, anti-abduction, intrusion alarms, Facility Security Plan.

  3. Buildings.

    Technical BMS alarms (air conditioning, electricity, gas), fire, IT alerts, maintenance and on-call system management.

  4. Processes.

    Obstetric code reds, life-threatening emergencies, ambulance dispatch, laboratory results.

Discover Enovacom Surycat.

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Integrate your devices, objects and applications with ENOVACOM Surycat, in standalone or high-availability mode, for physical or virtual machines, by themselves or used throughout many sites.


Notifications, technical alarms, biomedical alarms, obstetric emergencies, life-threatening emergencies or Facility Security Plans.

Prepare communication processes easily.


Wifi or DECT phones, text messages, e-mails, cellular or personal phones. Use a multi-channel strategy without overloading staff.


As such a flexible solution, it is easy to modify or integrate new features depending on the needs and evolution of devices and applications.