Biomedical engineers and IT systems managers: a possible new collaboration

The widespread computerisation of biomedical devices is causing the skills of IT systems managers and biomedical engineers to merge. It is therefore essential that these professionals work together to create a synergy to ensure that hospital healthcare data is well managed. As such, policy frameworks will have to define each one’s new responsibilities in the near future to make sure they coordinate smoothly. The landscape of biomedical engineering has changed significantly in recent years as a result of technological progress. Equipment is becoming more and more specialised which means that biomedical engineers (BMEs) are required to have more scientific skills than ever before. This is...

Automatic data collection from biomedical devices – the real benefit for hospitals

Medical devices integration: what are the benefits? Healthcare data provided by medical devices holds extremely sensitive and important information. By automating clinical processes through technology, clinicians can avoid making mistakes when entering information into patient records, whilst medical staff are able to devote themselves to their real job, not manual data entry. The number of biomedical devices used in healthcare departments is growing and provides invaluable ways of monitoring patients’ health conditions by collecting their vital signs. Download PDF Biomedical devices abundant in modern hospitals Biomedical devices are prevalent in operating theatres and intensive care...

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