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A digital England: the road to integrated care and beyond

The UK health system has seen refreshed digital, let’s focus on England England, with the largest population and a far less integrated health and care landscape than the other nations, has, despite delivering major benefits to care services, largely struggled to...

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E-health: The latest European barometer

The three overall priorities in e-health in Europe The latest European barometer published by HIMSS Analytics sum­marises what concerns our neighbouring countries have about e-health. Three overall priorities have emerged about using digital health:To this ‘top 3’ we...

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Big data health: the 4 P’s of medicine

The creation of internal hospital warehouses makes it possible to collect data which is stored in multiple databases to make sharing and consulting easier for hospitals. The data can then be used to identify patients with defined characteristics for clinical research,...

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How new healthcare organisations have impacted IT systems

From health networks de­signed in the mid-1990s to a move towards pa­tient-centered care, which is a current focus, healthcare professionals have a history of developing coordinated organisations. The acceleration of the current epi­demiological and demographic...

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