What happened in Health IT in 2018?

What happened in Enovacom and in the world of e-health or health IT during the year 2018? Back on the highlights of last year.

Highlights in Health IT for 2018

1.Enovacom joins Orange group

In February, Enovacom chose to join the international Orange group alongside Orange Healthcare, a healthcare subsidiary, and work collaboratively to enable digital transformation in healthcare for France and Internationally.

2.Patient centric healthcare technology at the Saint Jean Health Centre

The Saint Jean Health Centre has chosen to use technological innovation to enhance the patient experience.

3. HL7, FHIR®: download our guide about interoperability standard

FHIR® has risen as the new healthcare messaging standard, but when will it take over the achievements of its HL7 v2 and v3 predecessors?

4. Interoperability: a prerequisite to guarantee high-quality patient care

The safety and quality of patient care in healthcare organisations now requires medical data flow to be managed appropriately.

5. French University hospital gets their physicians connected

One innovative idea the CHU d’Amiens implemented was to use an intelligent system for managing and processing alarms connected to their equipment to improve efficiency and workers’ daily lives.

6. New White Paper on patients and their data

If you consider that 25 to 30% of medical examinations and interventions are unnecessary, that our healthcare system (and its staff) is under huge pressure and that many organisations need restructuring it becomes obvious that e-health must keep on developing and improving….