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With increasing amounts of our personal data and information being held by the health service, their ability to store it securely and to ensure its safety is coming under growing scrutinity. The Data Protection Act 1998 states that any information that is collected should be for legitimate purpose and when it used it should not adversely affect the individuals question.

By connecting and making information securely and easily accessible, Enovacom empowers health providers to deliver against the health integration agenda whilst supporting the provision of improved health outcomes, better experience for the patient and efficiency savings.

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Infographic NHS Data Breaches

NHS data breaches have never been so high …

What’s in this infographic ?

1. Number of breaches

2. Penalties for breaching the DPA

3. Where ?

4. Who ?

Identity Management Guide

Download our guide and customer testimonials on IAM

What you’ll find in this guide :

1. Enovacom’s answer to mastering access to the Information System

2. An expert opinion : Identity Management during the merging of health care facilities

3. Testimonial from the Bourg en Bresse HC : ensuring the auditability of the Information System

4. Testimonial from the Gonesse  HC :  a directory, the corner stone of secure account management

5. Testimonial from the SILPC :  Identity Management – homogenising the processes

6. Testimonial from the Limoges HCU : puts into place the management of its identities

Guide Seven deadly sins

Download our guide about data integration strategy

What you’ll find in this guide :

In our “7 deadly sins guide”, you’ll discover how data integration and interoperability help facing challenges IT and medical staff encounter daily.

From lust to gluttony, 7 good reasons to consider data integration as a key part of the IT / mobile / digital strategy.

Discover how Enovacom solutions can optimize your HIS security & interoperability

With interactive dashboards and real-time monitoring, ENOVACOM Integration Engine helps healthcare providers ensure that they have robust information sharing arrangments in place

ENOVACOM Smart Audit follows user activities from authentification to sign off, giving you traceability or for future investigations and reports

ENOVACOM Identity Manager is a solution for Identity Access Management dedicated to healthcare needs, covering the complete identity life cycle impacting all the people in your organization

ENOVACOM Patient Connect is a fully software-based interoperability solution for medical devices, bringing vital signs data into your patient record, saving significant time for nurses and enhancing patient care.

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