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Use healthcare data to make care pathways run like clockwork

Do you collect huge amounts of data on a daily basis but never put any of it to good use?

Enovacom can help you make the most of the data you collect by using its data warehouse to support your treatment decisions and research projects.

The perfect way for your teams to work with other groups and improve your organisation’s quality of care.

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Use the data collected by stakeholders across the health and care pathway.


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Help your teams make better treatment decisions.



Improve medical and care collaboration.


Use our data warehouse to help your teams make better decisions and diagnoses

Get your healthcare professionals on the same page by giving them the means to access all of their patients’ data from their business applications.

Start using a data warehouse to improve collaboration between your teams and facilitate their decision-making and/or diagnostic choices.

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Help your teams share patient information easily

Put an end to data silos by storing all your medical records on one single platform. Access your medical documents quickly by centralising information within a single trusted location. Streamline and optimise patient pathways by using your aggregated data to support the use of Artificial Intelligence.

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Improve medical cooperation in your local area

Facilitate collaboration between different stakeholders in your local area by using an accessible, easy-to-use tool. Transform your data warehouse into the nerve centre for managing patient data in your region.

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Merge all your data

Make life easy for researchers by setting up a portal to provide simple data access. This also makes it possible to control and track data requests. It also benefits from a powerful data mining and extraction module to support the exploitation of big data.

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