Creating value, together.

Enovacom specialises in healthcare and develops strategic alliances with software publishers. As an enabler, we contribute to the continuum of care with our complementary solutions. Thanks to our neutral position, we can help partners improve their business by industrialising the process of exchanging data.


Our Partner Network: discover how your organisation will benefit from partnering with Enovacom.

As a neutral vendor, Enovacom can benefit any kind of organisation in the eHealth industry.

Software Vendor.

Enovacom enables a phased approach to EPR implementation, supporting software vendor solutions in a simple, reliable and secure way.
  • Maximize the interoperability potential of your healthcare systems;
  • Enhances information security and reduces the potential for fraud with our unique interoperability platform;
  • Simplify integration and fit with any approach to implementation;
  • Scalable solutions to deliver interoperability transcending the boundaries of single care settings;
  • Extend your market share by reselling best-of-breed solutions in specific regions or specialty areas while delivering exceptional client value.

Medical Devices Manufacturer.

Enovacom delivers biomedical device connectivity for any device, via a single interface. Our solution enables medical device manufacturers to offer a competitive, connected solution to deliver connected healthcare.
  • Use a unique platform to integrate medical devices;
  • Maximize the potential of your medical devices and provide a competitive advantage over non-connected devices;
  • Remove the need for manual recording and reduce the risk of human error;
  • Get distinctive by extending the added value of Ehealth solutions integrating medical devices.

System integrators.

With a rich history of working with EPR and software solutions of any scale and complexity, Enovacom simplifies integration and enables integrators to fit with any approach to implementation.
  • Guarantee the interoperability of your eHealth solutions with our standards API and standard health data exchange (HL7, IHE, FHIR, …);
  • Minimize your integration costs by creating a library of connectors already developed and ready-to-use;
  • Benefit from an optimization of resources and improve your support services.

The partnership with Stalis and Enovacom was an obvious choice for me. We needed a partner who was 100% focused on healthcare, 100% focused on middleware and was able to be flexible and willing to work with us in the true spirit of partnership to further the business goals of both organisations rather than just being a reseller of their products. Both companies have the same ethos, a laser-like focus on healthcare data and we enjoy working with each other. Of course, it also helps that Enovacom’s products are pretty awesome too!

Andrew Meiner, Managing Director of Stalis Ltd.

Our collaboration with Enovacom improves the interoperability of POLYPOINT to any system and device, enabling access to the eHealth world. We value this partnership as it creates significant added value for us and our customers.

Peter Gmeiner, Product Manager at Polypoint SA.

Joining our strengths led to winning Quebec province-wide contract to deliver interoperability solutions across all hospitals. By combining Enovacom’s leading interoperability platform with our expertise of the Canadian healthcare system, we have enabled the sharing of patient data  across all healthcare facilities in the province of Quebec. This was a particularly large scale project involving hundreds of facilities and dozens of systems, yet implementation ran very smoothly as we could rely on Enovacom’s integration engine which is really flexible, easy to use, reliable and works with any IT system.  Enovacom is a great strategic partner to our company and we look forward to undertake many other collaborative projects in the years ahead.

François Carignan, CEO of Purkinje.