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ENOVACOM Patient Connect is a fully software-based interoperability solution for medical devices, bringing vital signs data into your patient record, saving significant time for nurses and enhancing patient care.

Bring an end to the risk of copying errors and the time lost by care workers in transcribing information.

It only takes a couple of mouse clicks to link the patient identity to the connected medical devices: vital signs are then automatically integrated into the patient record. Healthcare staff can focus on care for the patient, rather than on copying or scanning outputs and readings.

Discover in this webinar why biomedical devices are key for a more efficient care continuum and why a solution like ENOVACOM Patient Connect will help clinicians as well as IT staff.

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6.000 hospitals worlwide collect data on patients

4.9 million patients worldwide will use remote monitoring devices by 2016.

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What you’ll learn :

  • What are the concepts of interoperability
  • Why should you integrate biomedical devices into your interoperability strategy
  • Enovacom solutions for your biomedical strategy

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