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Health Data Interoperability: What Does the Future Hold?

Health services have never produced and exchanged so much data. To ensure the care of their patients, healthcare personnel need easy access to verified and secure data to collaborate easily with those involved in the care pathway.

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Today, it is imperative for healthcare professionals to exchange and access health data, both inside and
outside their organization. The right information, at the right time, is precisely the purpose of health
information system interoperability.

An increasing number of digital solutions are promoted to healthcare professionals. These can
facilitate information sharing throughout healthcare pathways, improve medical decision-making and aid
preventive medicine, or simplify processes. They need to connect quickly, without complex and costly

Today, interoperability in healthcare must cover new needs to connect healthcare organisations to the
many systems used to share health data, such as the Electronic Patient Record, business management
software, regional sharing platforms, data warehouses, etc. Interoperability must also support
the wider needs of healthcare, including social care, telehealth, business intelligence and data analytics.

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