Connect your biomedical devices with your EPR thanks to ENOVACOM Patient Connect.

ENOVACOM Patient Connect integrates biomedical devices with your EPR

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In 2014 Enovacom launched ENOVACOM Patient Connect, a solution which instantly sends patient data from biomedical machines to EPRs (Electronic Patient Records). It was tested at the end of September in the cardiology department at the Bagnols/Cèze hospital, in the Gard region, to integrate electrocardiograms (ECGs).

The increase of biomedical equipment in hospital wards raises different questions about guaranteeing patients’ identification, care and treatment, and cost management. In the cardiology department at Bagnols/Cèze hospital, biomedical machines have never communicated with patient files – until today. The department was chosen to test out ENOVACOM Patient Connect to integrate ECGs thanks to a connected electrocardiograph.

  • 16,000 hospital stays
  • 1,000 birt per year
  • 26,000 emergency interventions
  • 5,700 operating room sessions
  • 117,000 outpatient exams
  • 820 staff members