Unilabs Switzerland: Interoperability enhancing the healthcare sector.

Unilabs Switzerland: Interoperability enhancing the healthcare sector.

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  1. Interview with Thierry Müller: interoperability, a value-added service for doctors
  2. Context and objectives of the project
  3. Enovacom project services
  4. The project follow-up
  5. Who’s involved in the project

Unilabs is a leading diagnostics service provider in Europe and in particular Switzerland with a turnover of 800 million euros. Established in 1987, the group now has over 200 laboratories worldwide with 6,900 workers in 14 countries. In Switzerland alone (where it was founded), Unilabs has 40 facilities dedicated to daily patient care. Innovation is core to the Unilabs Group’s values. In 2010, the electronic prescription service “e-Unilabs” was launched with many key benefits such as simplifying the prescription analysis process and relevant follow-ups, automatically transmitting information to doctors offices etc.

Broadly, the Group focus is with patient data management and part of their service portfolio is organising and transmitting test results securely.

This document will mainly focus on how the Unilabs Group co-ordinates analysis requests and transmits analysis reports securely.