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For the IT of a healthcare organisation, it is always difficult to resist certain temptations … Enovacom invites you to plunge into the 7 deadly sins of interoperability without any guilt!

Because succumbing to temptation is good for you, good for your information system and good for your business.


Connected healthcare is a key agenda – the government, healthcare commissioners and providers are committed to enabling broad health information exchanges between the many settings within the healthcare economy, with the ultimate objective to deliver a better experience for the patient, improved health outcomes and a more cost efficient system.

The NHS England Interoperability Handbook provides a description of the benefits of interoperability. It defines interoperability as :

the ability of two or more systems or components to exchange information and to use the information that has been exchanged

Based on our expertise of the healthcare market we have developed a guide with an interactive theme called the 7 deadly sins of data integration and interoperability.

Be ready for the healthcare data revolution

webinar : interopérabilité biomédicale

Interoperability in the healthcare information system is a key issue. Ask for the replay of this webinar and discover why biomedical devices are key for a more efficient care continuum and how ENOVACOM Patient Connect will help clinicians as well as IT staff.

Feedback from our customers :
Discover our Success Stories

cas client Enovacom
Discover the feedback from Bellan hospital, which moved from an open source solution to ENOVACOM Integration Engine. See how they exchange patient identity data with the Saint Joseph Hospital Group

Biomedical interoperability :
Discover ENOVACOM Patient Connect

intéropérabilité médicale
Automatically extract and integrate vital signs and other patient informations from biomedical devices with the patient record thanks to ENOVACOM Patient Connect.

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