The Unilabs Switzerland Group on the cutting edge of health technology

Over a million reports are now sent automatically in a year concerning a number of newly integrated applications across 40 sites. The Unilabs Switzerland group have addressed their need to enhance their integration capabilities to exchange data between laboratories, hospitals and clinicians. Enovacom won the opportunity to enable interoperability for the Group with their comprehensive integration platform. Lets take a look at the progress thus far.


Unilabs Group – overview

Unilabs is a leading diagnostics service provider in Europe and in particular Switzerland with a turnover of 800 million euros. Established in 1987, the group now has over 200 laboratories worldwide with 6900 workers in 14 countries. In Switzerland alone (where it was founded), Unilabs has 40 facilities dedicated to daily patient care. Innovation is core to the Unilabs groups values. In 2010, the electronic prescription service “e-Unilabs” was launched with many key benefits such as simplifying the prescription analysis process and relevant follow-ups, automatically transmitting information to doctors offices etc.

Broadly, the Group focus is with patient data management and part of their service portfolio is organising and transmitting test results securely.

This document will mainly focus on how the Unilabs Group co-oardinates analysis requests and transmits analysis reports securely.

Case study:
Montpellier UH

Discover how the Montpellier University Hospital successfuly made the switch from its obsolete Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) to a modern interoperability platform in 6 questions.

ENOVACOM Integration Engine

In today’s rapidly changing health and care economy, IT departments need to cost-effectively integrate systems and share data across multiple healthcare organisations and care settings. ENOVACOM Integration Engine makes interoperability a simple reality as a uniquely cost-effective solution, proven in over 1500 locations.

Ask for:
Live demo and documentation

To know more about systems integration and data sharing, please don’t hesitate to ask for a live demonstration or documentation about ENOVACOM Integration Engine.

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