How Medical Device Integration (MDI) can relieve the pressure and strain for health staff.

Discover how MDI enables further enhancement in patient care.

How Medical Device Integration (MDI) can relieve the pressure and strain for health staff.

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During this webinar:

  • The concept behind Medical Device Integration
  • Automating the process of vital sign collection to gain time and spend more time with your patients.
  • Reducing the number of errors and misinterpretations: and increasing your patients’ safety.
  • The type of data you can collate and make available for the right person at the right time and the right place.
  • How to connect and integrate your eOBS/EMR solutions to your medical devices?
  • How Enovacom solutions can help drive your Medical Devices Integration strategy.

About the context:

Health systems all over the world, including Canada and England, are under great pressure. With an ageing population and advancements in medical treatments, the weight of the extra demands of looking after us as we all live longer is a heavy load to bear for clinical staff, and carries greater risks to us, the patients in their care.

With such a strain on resources it is time to explore how technology can help an overwhelmed and exhausted healthcare workforce. This is even more relevant when you consider that research shows that the use of automated technology solutions to replace manual processes has a significant impact on both efficiency and patient safety. Half of nursing staff have witnessed a medical error related to poor manual recording, documentation and medical device co-ordination. The majority of hospitals have six or more medical devices, only a 1/3rd integrate with the core IT system, with only a handful of hospitals automating vital sign collection, and almost none are integrated with their mobile e-observation systems.

On air date

2018-05-17 10:00:00

Concerned public

DSI, Ingénieur biomédical


45 min of presentation and 15 min for Q&A