Tips & tricks to connect all your medical devices to your EMR (Cristal-Net, Meditech…)

During this webinar, Enovacom reveals the 5 key points to succeed in the integration of the medical devices to your electronic medical record.

Tips and tricks to connect all your medical devices to your EMR (Cristal-Net, Meditech…).

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During this webinar:

  • Introduction – why medical devices should be integrated into the HIS: the benefits for IT team, nurses, biomedical engineering department and the patient.
  • Connecting medical devices to the EMR: connectivity or interoperability?
  • How to prioritise which devices and which department?
  • What are the specific needs per care unit?
  • Data types you can collect per medical devices
  • Overview – example of project management
  • Why you should integrate biomedical devices into your interoperability strategy
  • Enovacom solutions for your Medical Devices Integration strategy

About the context:

More and more biomedical devices are used in our institutions, and more and more data have to be collected manually to ensure the patient record is as comprehensive as possible. Without biomedical interoperability, nurses have to painstakingly copy over this information into the EMR by hand and sometimes transcription errors occur. How can you improve this process? How can you reduce the errors? How can you easily connect your devices with the electronic patient records? How do you process the quantity of data generated by the growing number of devices? How do you prioritise which department you have to target first in that kind of project? What sort of data can you collect per device?

On air date

2017-11-28 10:00:00

Concerned public

Ingénieur biomédical, Responsable d'établissement


45 min of presentation and 15 min for Q&A