Discover enovacom’s dedicated solution for
Healthcare Information Systems Security

ENOVACOM Identity Manager is a dedicated healthcare Identity Access Management solution. It covers the complete identity life cycle for all the people in your organisation: induction, transfers, absences, promotions and leaving.


Ensure the confidentiality of healtcare data

Healthcare data is regarded as sensitive information: it must be protected in line with the security regulations of each country. To ensure the confidentiality of patient data, Enovacom provides a solution suite dedicated to securing healthcare information systems.

Enhance city-hospital communications

By ensuring the confidentiality of patient data and information exchanges with partners, you secure coordination between the city and the hospital. This coordination provides continuity of care and improves communication with ambulatory medicine, laboratories, healthcare structures and institutions.


Benefit from an efficient security policy

By choosing Enovacom software suite, you can answer the following questions: Who has access to what data? Who changed the information? How can I send secure emails or documents without changing user processes? How can I guarantee authentication in my healthcare organisation?

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