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Healthcare IT departments need to cost-effectively integrate systems and share data across multiple healthcare organizations and care settings. Enovacom helps making integration a reality with a uniquely cost-effective solution, proven in over 1400 locations, called ENOVACOM Integration Engine.

ENOVACOM Patient Connect is a fully software-based interoperability solution for medical devices, bringing vital signs data into your patient record, saving significant time for nurses and enhancing patient care.

Interoperability in a few words

Interoperability is the ability for a software or computer systems, to work with other future or existing products, without any acess or execution restriction. On average, an healthcare institution owns between 40 to 400 different softwares : interoperability then become a key to enable and supervise health data exchange.


A proven expertise among 1500 healthcare insitutions

Since 2002, Enovacom proposes its interoperability solutions to every healthcare structures. Our objective ? To facilitate the exchange and sharing of healthcare data confidently. Communication between softwares, connexion of biomedical devices to computerized medical records, … are some of the principles you’ll find in Enovacom’s solutions suite.

Simplicity, quality and efficiency

The 3 words are a key for your interoperability project. Enovacom offers to oversee the establishment of application interfaces between your softwares and biomedical systems from door to door. Over 2000 different projects have already been led by our teams.

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