ENOVACOM integration engine

Rapidly deployed, scalable and easy to use – the No. 1 healthcare interoperability platform in over 1500 hospitals

In today’s rapidly changing health and care economy, IT departments need to cost-effectively integrate systems and share data across multiple healthcare organisations and care settings. ENOVACOM Integration Engine makes interoperability a simple reality as a uniquely cost-effective solution, proven in over 1500 locations.

3 good reasons to choose ENOVACOM Integration Engine :

Easier to implement and manage than other proprietary solutions

Lower cost of interface design and long-term support

Scalable and dependable

for whom ?

A solution that makes data integration simple for non-technical staff

Traditional proprietary integration engines require a team of integration architects to manage the creation of interfaces and the day-to-day management of these. ENOVACOM Integration Engine is unique in its ability to be used by non-technical staff, being optimised to transform data between standards and create interfaces without programming. The result is that ENOVACOM Integration Engine is not only easier to implement and manage, but also delivers a lower cost of interface design and long-term support. Not to mention a lower cost of resource to manage it.

For what ?

Transcending the boundaries of traditional health and care

ENOVACOM Integration Engine is the perfect solution to today’s healthcare interoperability challenges. With care providers required to transcend the boundaries of single care settings, the ENOVACOM Integration Engine is scalable in its architecture – so whether you have 2 systems to integrate or 2000, the ENOVACOM Integration Engine can deliver true interoperability, and is uniquely cost-effective at either end of that scale.

Delivering an end-to-end patient care pathway, simply and efficiently

Enovacom Integration Engine simplifies the exchange of patient information for hospitals, clinicians, institutions, healthcare staff and general practitioners. The solution enables the sharing of healthcare data and so following the patient along its care pathway becomes faster and easier – eHealth has arrived !

Enovacom on FHIR

The user-friendly ENOVACOM Integration Engine is dedicated to healthcare and meets specific healthcare information standards such as HL7 (2.3.1, 3.0, FHIR, IHE), DICOM 3 (WL), CDA (v2 level 1 & 3).

With interactive dashboards and real-time monitoring, ENOVACOM Integration Engine helps healthcare providers ensure they have robust information sharing arrangements in place. With a library or connections to multiple applications, reusability of existing interfaces, and real-time monitoring of messages and errors, ENOVACOM Integration Engine is the market-leading solution for system interoperability.

discover true integrated health and care

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3 good reasons to choose Enovacom Integration Engine

Easy to use, implement and migrate

Rapid deployment and simple migration through reusability of existing interfaces

Graphical interface design without programming

Minimal training and change management required

Real-time monitoring of message volume and errors

Interactive dashboards for management overview

Simplifies interoperability

Optimised to transform data between standards without programming

Web-based application through browser

A library of connectors already developed and in use

Ease of use delivers a lower cost of interface design

Simple management of interfaces reduces long-term support costs

Scalable & dependable 

Designed to transcend the boundaries of single care settings

Integrate 2 systems or 2000 – capable and cost-effective

Compliant with healthcare-specific information standards

More than 200 applications already interfaced

Reliable, secure and trusted by over 1500 care providers

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