ENOVACOM Smart Audit, the new log management solution

Start tracking your actions

2014 is a year full of news for ENOVACOM. After launching ENOVACOM Patient Connect, biomedical interoperability solution, ENOVACOM is pleased to announce ENOVACOM Smart Audit, the new audit and log management solution.

In the last few years, number of applications didn’t stop growing, and data generated within the HIS make exploitation and audit heavy or impossible. To ensure tracking of actions in your Information System, ENOVACOM Smart Audit allows you to search and filter in the overall centralized logs.

Real Audit server, la the solution offers to integrate selected events in an easy way, processing data to make them interpretable, and displayed in real time through a unique interface.

Want to go further? Contact us at the following address: contact@enovacom.com

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