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Healthcare Data is at the core of boardroom discussions regarding patient privacy and protection. Healthcare institutions have to face ever-growing security challenges as the demand to share more and more information across many different organisations grows, and is at risk of becoming unmanageable without the full assurance protection.

The Healthcare industry is vulnerable to malicious cyber-attacks and according to The Office of Civil Rights Under Health and Human Services (OCR) is the worst industry vertical in terms of breaches of data security, with over 113 million health care records compromised in America last year alone, on an individual basis this represents 1 in 3 American citizens as victims. As at March 2016 the number of medical records compromised had already reached 3.5 million.

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What you’ll learn :

  • Statistics of the latest worldwide healthcare breaches

  • Institution’s engagement with heavy fines for breaches and the ICO empowered to audit all healthcare organisations

  • New EU legislation GDPR 2018

  • Solutions that help prevent breaches and bad habits through access and habilitations’ processes

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