Project follow up: the Enovacom support service is available 24/7.
Incidents handled within 10 minutes..

Enovacom is offering its 24/7 support service to the Unilabs Switzerland group for this project. As such, we strive to respect our commitments and do our utmost to provide an optimum service:

We have created a web portal to track requests: information, improvements or glitches.

Any difficulties found must be handled within 1 hour and resolved based on how urgent they are: 4 hours for major or critical incidents, 24 hours for severe inconveniences and 72 working hours for minor problems. Enovacom teams intervene within 10 minutes on average and resolve problems in under 1 hour no matter what they are*.

Certain workflow scenarios have been created to validate support request resolutions with both Unilabs and Enovacom’s agreement.

Workers from both Unilabs and Enovacom have created their own login details.

*studies carried out over an average of 9 months since October 2016

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