Why you should work with Enovacom.

Since 2002, our team has focused on healthcare organisations’ needs for interoperability and collaboration solutions. We support all sizes of organisations with cost-effective, scalable and highly reliable solutions that are constantly updated to deliver against healthcare’s evolving needs. We are proud to partner 1500+ organisations, daily.

Why Enovacom?

15+ years of experience.

Enovacom was founded in 2002 and is dedicated to developing innovative healthcare software, enabling the exchange and sharing of patient data. We are proud to accompany over 1500 healthcare establishments all around the world.

Always on the cutting edge of technology.

Each year, Enovacom invests more than 20% of its annual revenues into R&D, to bring its customers the most advanced healthcare software solutions. Over the years, our engineers have forged a strong pedigree of healthcare expertise, vital to supporting clinicians and healthcare IT professionals in their daily challenges

Innovation supported by a large group.

In February 2018, Enovacom integrated into Orange Business Services, as part of the international Orange group. This integration into a large group enable digital transformation in healthcare for all the players.


Renaud Luparia

Co-founder & Deputy Managing Director.

Since meeting as students, Renaud and Laurent have developed and sold one successful start-up company, and built Enovacom to its current success through growth of over 10% per year, since 2002. Using the integration suite as a secure platform, they have added security and identity access management solutions to meet the demands of clients in healthcare.

Enovacom is the leading provider of interoperability in France, and is currently expanding its operations in the UK, mainland Europe and North America, with a customer base of over 1500 organisations.


Laurent Frigara

Co-founder & Deputy CEO.

Laurent founded his first company with fellow founder Renaud in 1997, developing primary care software for doctors in France.

Following its successful sale, they founded Enovacom in 2002. Their mission is to support healthcare organisations to manage their data and integrate their applications. The successful ENOVACOM Suite is the foundation of over 1500 customers’ health information systems, delivered through a pragmatic approach and bringing innovation to everyday challenges in healthcare.


Cyril Garde

CTO and Co-founder.

In 1998, Cyril partnered with Laurent and Renaud. He co-founded Enovacom in 2002 and contributed his expertise in IT architecture and secure data exchange, gained through a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Cyril continues to lead the major software projects and international liaison for Enovacom.

“Innovation by itself is not useful unless it brings practical benefits to health organisations. Enovacom works towards this goal every day. It’s in our DNA.”

Laurent Frigara, Co-Founder & Deputy CEO

Our partner network.

Enovacom specialises in healthcare and develops strategic alliances with any kind of organisation in the healthcare industry. As an enabler, we contribute to the continuum of care with our complementary solutions. Thanks to our neutral position, we can help partners improve their business by industrialising the process of exchanging data.

Our quality approach.

Our quality policy has been entirely restructured with the adoption of 4 principal strategic areas:

The Clients.

Deliver solutions for the exchange and sharing of data with technological excellence and business expertise.

The Organisation.

Adapt, enhance and industrialise our processes.

The Finances.

Maintain profitable growth.

The Human Resources.

Develop and capitalise on the human potential and innovation.