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Google Cloud & Enovacom work together for the future of Healthcare

Press release : Google & Enovacom  Enovacom is dedicated to developing innovative healthcare software, enabling the exchange and sharing of patient data in Europe and North America, and investing more than 20% of its annual revenues into R&D, to bring its...

Improved relationships between independent physicians – hospitals – patients

Between physicians and patients As soon as the MSSanté secure messaging service was implemented, the Rouen University Hospital saw a rise in satisfaction from independent physicians who have been able to use the service to ask their secretaries for appointments or...

Medical biology: priority to sharing test results

Developing data sharing in medical biology meets healthcare professionals’ main concerns. 60 to 70% of diagnoses depend on biological examination results, a statistic which can reach up to 80% in hospitals. However, the exchange of in­formation between everyone...

Digital technology for information exchange – a lever for improvement against the flaws in digital public health services

The flaws in digital public health services The Court of Auditors, in its role of controlling and instigating public policies, never fails to regularly pinpoint the flaws in digital public health services, whether it be hospital systems, the SMRs, telemedicine or...

Speeding up the digital shift in France

The successive reforms over the past 20 years have gradually modified the French healthcare system without being able to fully adapt to the demographic, social and economic challenges it faces. Considered as a lever for improvement, digital technology is being...

3 solutions dedicated to Clinics, Hospitals and Laboratories.


software interoperability

Discover Enovacom's dedicated interoperability solutions

A few words about interoperability

Interoperability is the ability for software and systems to communicate and exchange data with other future or existing products, without access or execution restrictions. On average, healthcare organisations operate between 40 to 400 different software solutions: interoperability then becomes key to enabling and supervising health data exchange.


Proven expertise in 1500 healthcare organisations

Since 2002, Enovacom has provided interoperability solutions to all types of healthcare organisations. Our objective? To facilitate the exchange and sharing of healthcare data, securely. Communication between software solutions, and connection of biomedical devices to digital patient records, are some of the principles you’ll find in Enovacom’s solution suite.

Simplicity, quality and efficiency

These 3 words are a key for your organisation’s interoperability project. Enovacom provides an end-to-end implementation of integration between software and biomedical systems. Over 2000 different projects have already been led by our team.


Ensure the confidentiality of healtcare data

Healthcare data is regarded as sensitive information: it must be protected in line with the security regulations of each country. To ensure the confidentiality of patient data, Enovacom provides a solution suite dedicated to securing healthcare information systems. Access management, traceability of actions and encryption of exchanges.

Enhance city-hospital communications

By ensuring the confidentiality of patient data and information exchanges with partners, you secure coordination between the city and the hospital. This coordination provides continuity of care and improves communication with ambulatory medicine, laboratories, healthcare structures and institutions.


Benefit from an efficient security policy

By choosing Enovacom software suite, you can answer the following questions: Who has access to what data? Who changed the information? How can I send secure emails or documents without changing user processes? How can I guarantee authentication in my healthcare organisation?


Healthcare data security

Discover Enovacom's dedicated data security solutions

Our expertise  

A unique software suite dedicated to clinics, hospitals and laboratories.

At Enovacom, we strongly believe that security and interoperability are the most important factors of healthcare IT. Our software suite ensures the ultimate in communication between all stakeholders within the healthcare sector. It also guarantees patient privacy and a trusted environment. It adapts to current and future issues: unlocking the information held in IT systems, and connected healthcare IT.

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Enovacom solution available on mobile

As a healthcare professional, your mobility is essential. This is why we’ve developed a mobile application, available on all mobile devices running Android or IOS. ENOVACOM Identity Manager will support you in securing your connections and manage the identities in your organisation.

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