We take care of your patient data.

Enovacom is a software editor 100% dedicated to healthcare. Our unique software suite, proven in 1,500+ organisations, makes health data exchange easier and improves collaboration between healthcare professionals.

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Enovacom 100% healthcare software

Interoperability: achieve integrated healthcare through a global strategy.

Define your global interoperability strategy to monitor all your information flows, whether they come from software or medical devices. Discover how to facilitate the integration of health IT systems, exchange your health data and support high quality patient care.

Collaboration: improve the cooperation between healthcare professionals.

Give healthcare professionals a 360° vision of the patient by making all their information available to every appropriate carer along the patient’s journey. Share this information to improve collaboration and ensure a better and safer continuum of care.

Go further with healthcare data by making it available to researchers for predictive medicine and analytics.

Connected applications & data exchange.

Define your global interoperability strategy and give importance to your most valuable tool - your data.

Software interoperability, put simply.

Cost-effectively integrate health IT systems and share data across multiple healthcare organisations and care settings. Make interoperability a simple reality with our unique platform, accessible to everyone, even non-technical staff.

FHIR®: It is time to shine for the interoperability standard.

FHIR®: It is time to shine for the interoperability standard.

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Embrace medical devices interoperability.

Eliminate manual transcription to avoid human error risks and to save valuable nursing time thanks to our 100% software-based solution. Provide a complete patient record to enhance patient care with a quality data.

Clinical alarming, smartly.

Easily manage crisis and emergencies by quickly notifying people in the field with our connectivity platform. Our solution lets you create customised workflows to send the right alarm at the right person at the right time, from any device thanks to interoperability.

Continuum of care betterment.

Improve the cooperation between healthcare professionals and enhance patient care.

Collaboration between healthcare professionals, improved.

Through a unique data repository, you can make reports, analyses, results and patient files easily available to all nurses, surgeons and doctors of your region and improve the collaboration between professionals.

Patients and their data: the foundations for healthcare transformation.

Patients and their data: the foundations for healthcare transformation.

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Get a 360° view of your patient, naturally.

Give your patient a unique and reliable ID and improve the collaboration between healthcare organisations by way of our Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI).

Reference all staff identities of your region or healthcare organisation, on a central point.

Enhance productivity and efficiency for your organisation by getting a complete overview of your region or hospital, healthcare professionals, structures, resources, access rights, …

Whilst parts of the NHS have found it difficult to work with some IT companies due to inflexibility or a siloed approach to technology, Enovacom has been refreshingly open and engaging with us, taking a partnership approach to working with us.

Michael Marven, Chief Pharmacist at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust