Let’s take care of the carers

As the leader in medical interoperability for over 18 years in our native France, and with customers across the globe, we have been working to improve the lives of healthcare professionals – you – with solutions that help you acquire, protect, exchange and make the most out of your healthcare data.

We have been by your side, and the patients we all care about, throughout that time.


Let's tackle your biggest IT healthcare challenges together

Whether your organisation is already well into its digital transformation, or just simply starting out, Enovacom (a subsidiary of Orange Business Services) is here to help you modernise your IT system to meet your strategic objectives and adhere to your regulatory requirements.

Let's work to improve the quality of care together.



your healthcare data with secure access to your IT system.


Exchange and share

between your staff • applications • biomedical devices.


Get the most out of your data

to make better medical decisions.


Simplify access to your healthcare data with interoperability

Interoperability is what our solutions are all about, helping you to plan and automate the gathering, analysis and dissemination of your patient, administrative and financial data. Interoperability helps with everything from saving time to better data protection, improved processes, guaranteed data integrity and more robust identity security procedures.

Improve the quality of care without tying your teams’ hands

Make life easier for your teams by improving how they access and use their business applications, but without having to change how they work. Help your teams collaborate more effectively with services and applications that are interoperable with your IT system. Get all your data in the same protected space and grant access to authorised team members, so you can use data to improve the quality of care your healthcare organisation provides.


Streamline your IT system so you can take on new projects with confidence

Structure your IT system so that it enables efficiency for your healthcare organisation. Install a sustainable and flexible infrastructure that will help you tackle your strategic projects head-on, without needing to replace your existing IT system.

Any question?

Be as efficient as possible to get an interoperable IT system

We help you capitalise on the tools you already use by offering software solutions adapted to all size of healthcare organisations. You no longer need to redesign your IT system to accommodate new applications.


Provide better treatment and control your budget

Our solutions help your healthcare organisation avoid unnecessary extra expense. Our innovative and scalable solutions adapt to your existing system, so you can optimise how you manage your resources. They accelerate your digital transformation, helping to boost your digital maturity and so achieve the requirements for national government-sponsored policy drives.

  • Optimise how your resources are managed
  • Capitalise on your existing operational IT system
  • Get innovative and scalable solutions


Protect your organisation’s reputation and your healthcare data

We protect your healthcare data by storing your information in systems that conform to the highest security standards. Keep your data accessible, complete and confidential to avoid any leaks. Protect yourself against the innumerable cyber attacks that target the healthcare industry every day. Selling patient records on the darkweb is big business. Protecting your data means protecting your patients’ privacy as well as your healthcare organisation’s image and trustworthiness.

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