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Use your data to help you make better decisions

Start using a data repository to gain access to all your patient information from any kind of source. Meet your analytical and clinical decision support needs. Exchange and share clinical, medical or administrative documents throughout your care community.

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Make it easy for your teams to share patient information

End data silos by storing all your medical records on one central system. Access your medical documents quickly with information in a single trusted space.

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Improve medical cooperation across your region

Facilitate collaboration between your various regional stakeholders with a tool that everyone can access and is quick and easy to use. Transform your data warehouse into a nerve centre for managing patient data in your local area. Collaborate and create your own scientific studies using shared data.

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Create a central tool so that stakeholders can collaborate

Set up a service that allows all your stakeholders to collaborate for all their clinical and operational activities, such as planning meetings, having private professional chats or sharing patient records.

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How it works ?

The Enovacom data warehouse is made up of two main modules:

  • The registry (under XDS) where the metadata, from the submission of documents, are recorded and processed, which supports search for documents or information.
  • The repository (under XDS) where native or reconstructed documents are stored and processed.

The multidimensional data warehouse is used to reference and store data. It implements IHE Cross Entreprise Document Sharing (XDS) profiles.

XDS is a set of standards for the transportation of documents, document metadata and content. It is intended to support sharing centred on patient clinical documents and helps promote continuity of care. The solution also makes it possible to reference and store information in an HL7 FHIR format.

The tool archives documents in a transparent, reliable, accessible and consistent manner. The solution enables processing of requests for access to archived documents. The Registry allows the identification, location and retrieval of documents from the Repository.

The solution also makes it possible to index documents from other archives, such as VNAs, and offers the interfaces necessary for searching and indexing these documents.

The key functions of the solution are:

  • Finding and extracting documents from third-party applications
  • Consent management down to document level
  • Longitudinal exchange of patient record data
  • Integration with EMPIs and directories
  • IHE XDS.b, XDS.i and HL7 FHIR compliance for data exchanges
  • REST-type open APIs for non-medical applications
  • Data can be stored in a big data approach through a Hadoop connector.

With its embedded interoperability solution, the data warehouse can manage multiple data sources.

But also …

  • Consolidate care data and medico-economic data

  • Decompartmentalize data to allow openness for new uses

  • Allow your teams to communicate, share and organize themselves through a single communication channel.

What will change in your daily life

  • The director of the institution can control operating costs and sustain investments.

  • The project manager can quickly use the solution.

  • The CIO has sharing tools and can manage authorizations.

  • Healthcare professionals can be certain of transmitting the right information, to the right place, at the right time.

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