Who are we?

Enovacom is a profoundly human adventure that began in 2002. We ask simple questions: how can we support caregivers? How can we improve health data exchange and facilitate access to the right information at the right time?

With over two decades of experience as a provider of interoperability solutions, we have dedicated our business to helping healthcare professionals regain valuable time for patient care. As an e-health subsidiary of Orange Business, our global reach enables us to help our customers navigate the challenges of contemporary healthcare systems worldwide.

We integrate digital and human innovation to streamline access to health data, accelerate the sharing of medical expertise, and optimize the organization of daily activities. Our overarching objective is to give caregivers the time they need to improve patient care.

Our areas of expertise

Our mission: Saving time for care

Confronted with many challenges, including human resource constraints, regulatory changes, administrative burdens, technological integration and the need for regional coordination, healthcare professionals are sounding the alarm. They need more time to fulfil their core task of patient care.

Our ambition is simple – to use our technological prowess and healthcare expertise to increase professionals’ availability and improve their working conditions. By giving them back time, we are helping improve patient care.

Our reach...

1300+ public health institutions

  • Acute care hospitals
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Psychiatric Centers
  • Cancer Centers
  • Charitable institutions

800+ private institutions

  • Private clinics
  • Private clinic groups
  • Nursing home groups

75+ public health services

  • Public laboratories
  • Research Centers
  • Blood banks

10 countries

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • DACH
  • France
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • The Nordics
  • United Kingdom

75+ industrial institutions

  • MedTech
  • Editors
  • Manufacturers
  • Start-ups

75+ private laboratory hubs

... since 2002

Our beginnings
Enovacom is born

Enovacom, a dedicated healthcare software publisher specializing in interoperability and the security of health information systems, is launched in Marseille, France.

France’s first EAI

Enovacom creates the first French EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), an interoperability platform tailored to the needs of healthcare market, enhancing information exchange and access to patient data.

Safety above all
A trailblazer for secure messaging in France

Enovacom establishes the first regional web-based secure messaging platform, which lays the groundwork for further messaging developments that protect interactions between healthcare stakeholders.

Your trust
1,000 clients

Enovacom reaches the symbolic milestone of 1,000 customers who placed their trust in us.

Development of biomedical interoperability
New expertise

Enovacom develops a patented innovation focused on streamlining the connection of medical devices to business software, simplifying the daily workflows of healthcare teams.

International expansion
Enovacom abroad

Enovacom is now international and launches into the healthcare markets of Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium and Finland.

Enovacom in Quebec
Enovacom solutions across Quebec

Enovacom teams up with Canadian publisher Purkinje and wins a tender to provide its interoperability platform to healthcare institutions across Quebec.



Integration with the Orange group
Enovacom joins Orange Business

Enovacom joins forces with Orange Business to accelerate the development of digital health solutions for healthcare professionals.

The SI-DEP project
Enovacom on the front line during COVID

The French Ministry of Health and the Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris lead the creation and installation of a national digital tool called the SI-DEP (Système d’Information de Dépistage). Enovacom’s interoperability solutions support this tool by enabling comprehensive collection of real-time data and access to coordinated test results during the COVID pandemic.



Enovacom acquires Exelus
Enovacom Nomadeec: telemedicine expertise

Enovacom expands its telemedicine expertise by acquiring Nomadeec, a unique platform for emergency and everyday settings.



Enovacom turns 20
20 years of service to caregivers

We celebrate our 20th anniversary alongside our 250 employees and 2,000 clients!

Enovacom grows
Enovacom acquires NEHS Digital and Xperis

Enovacom enhances its e-health capabilities with the acquisitions of NEHS DIGITAL, a publisher specializing in medical imaging, telemedicine, teleradiology, and patient journey solutions, and Xperis, an interoperability expert. These acquisitions augment available solutions to make day-to-day tasks easier for healthcare professionals.



What’s next?
The journey continues. Let’s embark on it together.