An IAM solution that centralizes staff data and automates your organization's authorization management.

Why choose Enovacom's IAM solution?


Consolidate data from multiple sources into a single trusted repository to drive and automate the management of hospital information system user rights.


Meet regulatory objectives and IT security recommendations whilst improving user experience and efficiency.


Give your departments or business units the necessary day-to-day management autonomy by automatically following the life cycle of agents, without ever losing control.

Schematic description Enovacom Identity Manager, IAM solution to manage identity and access management
A complete repository
  • Customisable data model.
  • Multi-activity management.
  • Health-specific nomenclatures.
IAM engine
  • Autonomous rule management.
  • Modelling according to the ORBAC, RBAC, DAC principle (discretionary rights).
  • Rights distinguished based on person type (student, employee, temporary worker).
Integration library
  • Management of account creation in Active Directory.
  • Consolidation from national repositories.
  • Provisioning library with over 80 applications.

Technical platform

  • A recognized Enovacom Integration Engine.
  • Active Directory: comparison with the existing one and automatic provisioning.
  • Automation of IT tasks when creating a user: mailbox, network sharing, etc.
  • Approval workflow.
  • Additional modules: public pages, self-service, LDAP query.
  • Accountability: traces provided in HL7 ATNA format.

What our customers say about Enovacom's IAM solution