A FHIR data warehouse to enhance your data from a single storage space and make data sharing and access easier.

Why choose Enovacom's FHIR data warehouse?


Create a link between the professionals and organizations involved in a patient’s care by sharing data in an accessible way.


Re-use and enrich the data in your warehouse so that the information can be used beyond a simple exchange.


Simplify data exchange between information system applications and your vendor-neutral data warehouse, ensuring everything is transparent.

Schematic description Enovacom Data Repository, the FHIR data warehouse
An official and open standard
  • Data is stored in accordance with the FHIR standard.
  • The customer chooses the FHIR version.
  • Profile integration.
Connected to business software
  • Direct connection or via the Enovacom Integration Engine.
  • Development of personalised portals.
  • Data stored in a shared space.
Using data
  • Departmentalised data.
  • Data enriched by connecting multiple sources.
  • Development of innovative projects with your data.

Technical platform

  • Web application.
  • FHIR.
  • Relational and non-relational databases.
  • Linux environments, physical or virtual servers.

Compatibility with Microsoft 365

The data repository is designed to aid the exchange and sharing of medical information about the patient. This is why Enovacom has developed a project to integrate its repository with Microsoft. The Cloud Suite of Microsoft 365, as well as its Azure Active Directory, are compatible with Enovacom Data Repository.

What our customers say about Enovacom's FHIR data warehouse