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Orange Healthcare partners with Enovacom and its interoperability platform

Publié le 03/04/2017

Orange Healthcare partners with Enovacom and its interoperability platform


During the Orange Healthcare press conference which was held on 21st March 2017, Orange Healthcare unveiled their healthcare strategy for this year.

Amongst the topics announced was an exciting new partnership with Enovacom.

Orange Healthcare, subsidiary of Orange Business Services were hugely impressed with the value Enovacom would provide:

  • Vendor-agnostic approach that can support all global healthcare IT standards;
  • Interoperability and security platform that addresses the middleware software layer that is complementary to the network layers offered by Orange;
  • 100% healthcare positioning that will help and strengthen Orange Healthcare expertise to answer technological and digital challenges of the modern healthcare system.

In fact the partnership is another major step forward to achieving a comprehensive approach to interoperability and enabling the delivery of a digital maturity model to healthcare.

<b>About Orange Healthcare</b>

Orange Healthcare supports the transformation of major players in healthcare, by providing digital solutions for a high-performance healthcare system.

Building on the technological and innovative prowess of the Orange Group, the company offers the major players in healthcare the benefit of its 10 years of expertise. Their solutions meet the needs of:

  • Healthcare institutions
  • Healthcare establishments
  • Mutuals insurance companies
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories and suppliers of medical devices
  • Start-up and healthcare software publisher

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