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At La Tour Hospital, a simple scan can link a biomedical device to the electronic patient record

In the PCU department at La Tour Hospital, nurses have changed their habits. Previously, they had to manually transcribe data sent by patient-related medical devices. Today, they benefit from an interoperability platform which accomplishes this task for them. Discover the interoperability solution in this expert opinion

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In the oncology unit, health data is essential for analysing patients’ health status. To monitor the effectiveness of prescribed treatments, nurses refer to medical monitors, devices on trollies, or ECGs. “To make the day-to-day work of the staff easier and ensure 100% reliability of the electronic patient record, the hospital’s biomedical engineers wanted to automate the escalation of data from these three types of devices to the Enovacom Patient Connect (EPC) 100% software solution,” — Alexandre Canovas, technical consultant at Enovacom.

The solution is installed on a dedicated server and hospital technical teams are trained to operate it. “We want the staff in the hospital to have maximum autonomy,” Alexandre continues. “We work on the installation phase of the solution. We discuss with the project managers and the biomedical engineer the various parameters and metrics they want to bring up.” Three kind of devices are associated with the solution. Monitoring devices from Philips are connected to a central station with alarm feedback. Mobile monitors from CSM Welch Allyn are used in care rounds. Finally, stand-alone ECGs (electrocardiogram machines) are also in use. “Using EPC, each medical devices automatically integrate the
patient’s identity,” says the specialist.

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