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How Enovacom efficiently organised Unilabs Switzerland’s data exchanges?

To efficiently organise and monitor the data exchanges, the IT system used was reconsidered. The aim of the new project is to share monitoring and exchanging information via the unique Enovacom interoperability platform.

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To manage communication between the different applications used by laboratories and clients (doctors, hospitals, or external service providers), the UNILABS group has used several EAI-type software programs as well as several ‘homemade’ scripts.

The initial aim was to organise sending data flows automatically, i.e. analysis requests, reports and financial information.

There are several drawbacks with this. First, there is no way to supervise or monitor the data exchange. Then, It is unsure how long the solutions will last as the interfaces have been created separately and with no global vision. In their old interoperability platform, there was no event feature and no HL7 connector available. Support was often needed due to the amount of errors, so they were less responsive. Finally, it is costly to maintain the platform’s complex technical architecture.



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