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Interoperability – Enovacom & CHR d’Orléans: 10 years of cooperation for patient services

In 2020, Enovacom and CHR d’Orléans celebrated 10 years of collaboration with the launch of a new project.

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From a local platform to a project as part of a Regional Hospital Group , how has Enovacom  supported CHR d’Orléans in its interoperability flow management process?

In 2020, Enovacom and CHR d’Orléans celebrated 10 years of collaboration with the launch of a new project.

A decade earlier, CHR d’Orléans called on Enovacom’s services to install an interoperability solution capable of managing the health institution’s internal and external flows on the same platform. That banished point-to-point flows, giving way to the world of interoperability. Since then, the partnership between Enovacom and CHR d’Orléans has continued evolving

“At the time, we had many point-to-point flows. To improve the supervision of these flows and, above all, to centralize their management, we drew up a public procurement contract to set up an EAI (Enterprise Application Integration). Enovacom won it,”

Armelle Quinty, Design and Urbanization Manager of GHT Loiret

The importance of patient identity flow

To promote the use of their new tool, the teams at CHR d’Orléans have made their business managers aware of the fact that most of their data is transferred in a standardized format via the Enovacom EAI.

“It’s a tool that has quickly become indispensable and has evolved over time. For example, the platform was originally powered by a single engine. Today, we need two engines to classify our growing number of feeds based on their importance,”

A success story for the hospital group

The technical architecture was reassessed to accommodate the future interoperability platform of GHT Loiret, which is made up of hospital structures of varying sizes. Quinty explains:

“All the institutions in the GHT had different data flow governance needs. Out of the nine facilities, the majority are already equipped with an Enovacom interoperability platform. This will facilitate the harmonization of our hospital ISs on a single platform.”

Within each regional hospital group (GHT), the management of a convergent IS helps improve professionals’ access to information. It also boosts the security of care, and the consolidates multiple activities. This is why IS management is a central lever for the organization of GHTs. It is also why it is included in the digital and the GHT programme for the French national health strategy “Ma santé 2022” (My Health 2022).


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