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Medanets & Enovacom: Empowering the digital nurse with tools that support safer care

Digital nurses across the globe are at the forefront of the digitization of the modern hospital. These heroes of healthcare are turning to technology to improve care quality and release more time for their patients.

The digital nurse is in full flow at one of Europe’s most state-of-the-art hospitals, where Enovacom and Medanets are collaborating on a mobile-first approach to care that will empower nursing staff with digital tools to help them deliver instant and effective care.

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Medanets is a Finnish health tech company well known in the Nordic region for providing a user-friendly mobile solution for healthcare professionals. The solution saves nursing staff’s time and can improve patient safety.

Enovacom is a European leader in interoperability which has been connecting devices and data for healthcare providers for almost 20 years.

The two are now working together to give nursing staff access to data and decision support tools at the point of care.

The collaboration sees data such as early warning scores and risk assessments entered by nurses into the Medanets mobile app. Enovacom technology then shares this data, alongside data from other hospital devices, with the electronic health record.

This gives nursing staff the information and resources they need to do their job safely and efficiently. It also provides a foundation for data-driven clinical decision making across the hospital.