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The challenge of creating a single identity repository for three organisations

The pair of project managers had to merge heterogeneous nomenclatures in order to build a common referential. They also demonstrate the collaborative work between the Enovacom teams and the teams from the health organisation to create a solution that meets all the client's needs.

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Enovacom has a solution to the issue of the need to have a single identity record for each physician. This is especially important now, as healthcare organisations need to be on top of their game as far as collaboration is concerned. The European interoperability leader provides the ENOVACOM Identity Manager solution to make the management of employee application access lifecycles much simpler. It also allows staff to interact with one another more easily with a public directory and a comprehensive identity repository.

As one of the organisations in a Regional Hospital Group (RHG), the Nord-Ouest Villefranche-sur-Saône hospital in France has created a solution that consolidates identity and access management for three RHG organisations (for now). The Enovacom Security team helped the healthcare organisations manage this and relied heavily on the work of two project managers: Chrystelle Coquard and Jérémy Salvador.


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