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Vaudois University Hospital: IoMT helping patients and physicians

The Vaudois University Hospital (CHUV) has been focusing on efficiency, innovation and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) with Enovacom by using hospital gowns with integrated vital data readers which feed directly into biomedical devices.

This interview is with Frédéric André, IT Project Manager, and Nathalie SERVAT, Head Care Unit Nurse (ICUS) at the Continuing Cardiology Care Unit & Cardiovascular Surgery Unit at the CHUV.

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In 2016, the CHUV, a hospital in Lausanne with over 1,500 beds, took an interest in the ENOVACOM Patient Connect solution – the first interoperability platform for biomedical devices.

Electronic patient records (EPRs) need to be documented and are updated with evergrowing content. Physicians regularly have to read vital signs from monitors and manually type them into EPRs. The whole point of installing the ENOVACOM Patient Connect solution was to get rid of this unnecessary task and update information into EPRs faster, more accurately and more reliably, all the while keeping it the physicians’ responsibility.

Frédéric André, IT Project Manager, CHUV